Amnesia club on Ibiza really differs from that illuminated super club which you might see in Great Britain.

Here you can feel the real Spanish atmosphere. Amnesia is a comfortable and impressive club which can take up to 5000 people.

Earlier Amnesia club was known as "The Workshop of Forgetfulness" and was a shelter for hippie. This is one of the original clubs on Ibiza; it suggested them "to expand their minds" and to go on the mysterious and bohemian island.

In spite of the fact that music and party-goers have changed, the mentality of "escape from reality" remained almost the same.

Amnesia club has two halls – the main hall and the terrace which was earlier the open area and then was covered with glass (almost unnoticeable) roof.

In the main hall there is a famous ice gun which cools down everybody on the dance floor.

Music and illumination in this hall create absolutely improbable atmosphere as well on a terrace.

Night clubs and brands come and go, and only the few continue to exist.

The longest history has the night club and the legendary brand Cream founded in 1994, it exists to this day.

Other key player in the contemporary history of Amnesia is Sven Väth's club - Cocoon.

For the first time they started to give parties on Mondays in Amnesia club, and this tradition was well consolidated.

If you want to have a good time as a rock star, perhaps, you are the real rock star; you can book the VIP-room in Amnesia and enjoy service and sushi at the VIP-zone, from where you can see all attendees.

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