Since 2014 the club known earlier as Eden, changed its name to Gatecrasher.

It became the second mega-club in San Antonio which changed the owner. Now the club owner is the Dutch businessman Michael van de Kuit. Besides, the club had some architectural and also esthetic and musical changes.

Earlier Eden Club was the center of highest-class parties, on an equal with such club giants as Pete Tong, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, etc. In the 90th the club got the name Star Club and held large-scale parties, and then the name changed to Kaos, and in a while it changed to Eden, in winter 1999.

The well-known brand sign of Es Paradis Club - an "apple" - was adapted under a brand sign for this club, allegedly with intention to declare itself as an institution of the highest category.

Besides, a role was played by direct proximity of these two clubs, their entrances are opposite each other.

After reconstruction Eden Club declared itself again as "a paradise garden" on a night scene of San Antonio.

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