Gala Nignt

You haven't seen such zoo yet!!!

Party at Zoo Project is one of the most unique places on Ibiza. If you are looking for qualitative electronic music and masquerade, then this event is just right for you.

The cost of tickets for a party by Zoo Project is about 20-40 euros.

Here, generally, prevails the public from Britain.  The basic rule is - you have to be in a masquerade, irrespective of that part of club where you are. On Gala Night you will dance by the best hits in house and techno style. Generally events take place on Saturdays (more rare on Wednesdays) in the afternoon.

The public perceives Gala Night as a real Zoo since earlier in this place for the entertainment was kept some animals, and within several years it was used as club for day parties. The Zoo Project became history of this institution that created the whole cult from this party, improving one of the most expected events of Ibiza of the last years, and supporting spirit of a street rave on the island.

If you wish to make a reservation in a VIP-zone of Gala Night Club or to reserve a VIP-table, just contact Ibiza VIP Holiday.