There is nothing surprising that "The Biggest Club" in the world is on Ibiza. However, even such rank won't let you know the scales of what you will see in Privilege Club. Main Room looks like a hangar this could fit in all the most large-scale of other clubs on Ibiza. The Privilege Club is famous for that it can set up the fascinating and grand shows best of all. 2013 Privilege Club celebrated the 20th anniversary.

"Ku" was the first name of the club, and it, undoubtedly, is a part of the whole island's history, and in particular Manumission show, one of the best-known parties in the world for the last decade. In the center of club there is a pool, and also there are many secluded corners, Privilege breaks any stereotypes, and opens to you the new world of opportunities.

This club is known for the open-air parties of 70-80th; the pool; being the largest club in the world; for the Manumission show and other sexual shows; sunrises in Coco Loco which is known now as Vista Club.

To get to club, you need to take a taxi, 10-15 euros from San Antonio, Playa-den-Bossa or Ibiza. It is possible to get on the disco buses which run all night long directly from Ibiza and the Playa-den-Bossa in San Antonio and back. Besides, there are the special free buses organized for owners of entrance tickets or promoters, they depart from the Playa-den-Bossa, the port of Ibiza and San Antonio.

The most popular parties in club are: Supermartxe, A State of Trance, El Row

The prices vary between 20 and 50 euros. Vodka with a lemon costs about 12 euro, and beer - 10 euros. Of course, there is a huge line before the club entrance, therefore, you'd better buy online tickets in advance, so that there would be no problems on an entrance since owners of online tickets usually come to club through the Back door. 

 You can always quickly and easily find a place in VIP-zone of Privilege Club, or book a VIP-table, just contact Ibiza Vip Holiday.